Monday, February 23, 2009

exercise 6


Your incomplete surgery, dark-woodsing along
Behind the house, butterflied like a chicken.
Answers to the name of Sparky, eager to please
Free to good home, eastereggs set in black currant jelly,
It fishhooks sweetly lovesick, popping fisheyes

Here is the pipe the plumber capped, the ruststickpin of the blood
Veining through the rotten house, the yelping valve
the bit of apple stuck in the throat snipped out

This is way the bad-daddy-god ate his babies,
Like egg on toastes, jellybabies and sugar skulls
Munch crunching, pearlies grinding through the babybits
Here is how they trimmed him with the metal moon

Love rising and rising on the bloody seafoam

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