Friday, April 3, 2009

Part the third: the father's creed

toothed-wheel world unwinding
Hobbled gear in the engine of heaven.
See here,the secret library
beneath the pyramid
the spark plug embedded in stone
the clay jars filled with electricity and stale wine

here is the prophet of virginia beach
here is the fifth world
here is a jar filled with ashes
here is a stone calender stopwatch for humanity

silently ticking

here is a layer of black ash with bones beneath it
here is grease, and engines and steel

here is the map of the world-that-was,
the islands of the antarctic,the lost kingdoms

here is the map of the world-that-will-be
the tilted bowl of the lakes
spilling down, new york and los angeles
dreaming below the swollen ocean
here are saucers, buzz-sawing through the sky
the water teeming with lake monsters,
cryptozoological horrors and wonders
yeti and the hollow earth
in mass, say only this:
“lord I am not worthy to receive you
but only say the word and I shall be healed”
know this:the world will end,
the lakes will pour across
the center of america,
the cities are doomed
to devolve to beast-men,

to burn without ceasing
while planes drop from the sky like stunned birds

know this: I live here,

with my library of secrets,
my heart filled with monsters
on the lip of the lake,
the edge of the city
waiting on the word
waiting for an end

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