Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Poem for Sam Cheuk

2:00 PM
me: you are a filthy canadian
a ham eater
a goddamned frenchy
you are round eye butter-people
you are a sack full of mackerel
in the backseat of a 72 charger,
parked in an abandoned lot and pissed on by bums
you are the tapeworm in the guts of the educational system
your fleas have fleas
2:19 PM your breath is like a rancid anchovy cunt
your eyeballs are swollen with festering cum and rat milk
that hat looks like you took it off a dead wino
2:20 PM your teeth are blisters
you have an asshole in your throat,and fuck it with a rotten cucumber
2:21 PM your mother's pussy is like a pot pie filled with snuff spit
you are a soupeater, a gargler of cheese
2:22 PM your fingers are fat little sausages, and you jack off obese sea otters
2:23 PM your dad puts white pee in your front butt
your dad pisses in your mom's ears
your dad eats raw bologna slices out of a dog's pussy
2:24 PM you put garlic bulbs up your mothers asshole and sparklers in her ears
her tits are like leathery pancakes
2:27 PM your dog is a lousy fuck
me: your back pussy is dry and flavorless
your sweaty hands squeeze the lethargic asscheecks
of manatees, you eat spaghetti off the tittybar’s floor
you strain dead flies from tepid beer through your teeth
and chew the wings.
You are are a maggot-fucker
You are balls deep in a rotten cantaloupe
You re balls deep in roadkill
You are balls deep in a headless chicken
you needledicked bugfucking son of a horsecunt

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