Friday, April 30, 2010


Walpurgis 3

when the villagers come, and leap through the fire
follow my song
when the stone is wet with blood and wine,
I would take you in the shadow under it

in the hills, the dead kings sleep
and I would take you down into the hill
where our revels do not cease,

in the grey land, the shadow land
the dead eat beans and ashes of glory
come down my winding stair
I will hang the ribs of the earth with marshlights
I will garland my table with pomegranites

I will show you bones in the brugh,
the broken house, the angels of the middle air
eve's nameless children

I will wrap you in moth wings,
in the owl's cry, get you with a mandrake
hedgeapples and briar, the crossroads and the doorway
this land without salt or iron
yours on a throne of sorrow

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