Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The mine is black mouth,
And she has fed all her boys to it
In the hollow of the hills

The mine is an upside down church
And her boys have come back
With a blueblack mark no water can erase

Her boys have come back
In boxes in their Sunday clothes
Then gone back down again

The mine is a family reunion
The bloodline pools just below the earth
In the cold and the dark

It is hellmouth, and her green eyed devil
come up from it
Every Sunday, to spit, to sing
And fill her belly full of children

Till he went down to stay
To wait on Jesus
Coming in the middle of the air

Church of god
With signs following

The mine is more bitter than strychnine
Dark as a dungeon
And the coal cars crawl like rattlesnakes
Through the topless hills

They will burn his bones
To light the city at night
She will sit on her porch in the dark
Waiting on her devil who will not come

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