Friday, April 30, 2010

the most butt-kickingest story in the history of the world

World War: 1
(Toy Version)
by: Holden Vance

Once upon a time, there were Army Men, Cowboys and Indians. They were all at one base having a party with beer, music, and all kinds of other party things. And out in outer space there were two medium sized meteors then, they obsorbed into one huge, giant, humungous meteor and then, It crashed! By the base

Cpt Rex: Wow! Is it a earthquick? Everyone let's go investagate. What the? ZOMBIES!
Zombie People! Zom Zom Zombie bugs!?!!? Oh No. Zombie Dinosaurs! Everyone fire all you got! Throw all your gernades and smoke gernades

Bug Cpt: All Flyers take one bug or dinosaur and everyone else ATTACK!

Cpt Rex: And Remember men shoot them either in the head or in the heart

All: ok, yaaaahhhhh!
Everyone get to a log. Oh yeah, turn on all the traps. Get all those zombies slaughtered!
Oh no that praying mantas just bit one of our men. Get that mantas slaughtered and get that man wounded. Aw Man,they killed half of our men. Wait! Gray leader take out those zombies this instint!

Gray Ldr: Ok
Gray leader checking in. Gray two checking in. Gray three checking in. Gray four checking in. Gray five checking in.Gray six checking in. BOOOOOOOM!!

crrrrrrraghhh! ZrzzzrrrrZZZZZZZ!zr!

Gray Ldr: Ok, all done.

Cpt Rex: Get into groups of six to check it out

All: Yes Sir! Come on lets go check it out. Ok theres ten more zombies left. I don't know how they survived that big constroction. Ok their coming get ready to fire lads! Ok their close enough men. FIRE!..........ok wait for the dust to clear.

All:yeahh thats what you get zombies. Oh my god that was the hardest war we ever had

And then they all had another party and they all lived happily ever after

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