Wednesday, April 8, 2015

6/30 2015


The Fourth Spirit is Samigina, a Great Marquis.
He appeareth in the form of a little Horse or Ass,
and then into Human shape doth he change himself
at the request of the Master.
He speaketh with a hoarse voice.
He ruleth over 30 Legions of Inferiors.
He teaches all Liberal Sciences,
and giveth account of Dead Souls
that died in sin.

Tell here of Chuck
in the gas station bathroom
of Tim at his table
of George, at the intersection
of the drunks, the pillhead funerals
of the carcrash and heroin
those who dies in sin.

Your unfinished bottles,
your water beds and pickups
your floor in the center of the party

Here is a horse,
to find you in the secret house
to call you back into the day,
you dust-eaters, you toilers
to call you to the edge of the fire
and bid you sing.


Here is hell and the mountain
here each finds his bed,
these wrecks, drifting into the deep
the sunken town, it's church-bell ringing
in the lake
here is a house forever on fire,
a chapel of disbelief,
a river of crime
an orchestra of bones

of the other place,
say nothing.
that bright silence
that swallows children

without apology.

According to Wierus, he summons into the presence of the exorcist the souls of drowned men and of those detained in Purgatory, called magically Cartagra--that is, the affliction of souls. They assume an aĆ«rial body, are visible to sight and reply to questions. Another version says that Gamygyn tarries with the exorcist till he has accomplished his desires.

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