Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 4/30

(25.) GLASYA-LABOLAS. - The Twenty-fifth Spirit is Glasya-Labolas. He is a Mighty President and Earl, and showeth himself in the form of a Dog with Wings like a Gryphon. He teacheth all Arts and Sciences in an instant, and is an Author of Bloodshed and Manslaughter. He teacheth all things Past, and to Come. If desired he causeth the love both of Friends and of Foes. He can make a Man to go Invisible. And he hath under his command 36 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, to be, etc. (26.)

What thirst the rocks must have
soaked and never slaked
thirst of dead things,
of dry seasons
dry roadbeds filled with bristling armaments
with the hurl of stones across fences
from the first murder and the feast that followed

how each son dreams he is fatherless
the knives we spit at each other
and we, each a world
so easy to break
a cheap leather suitcase
stuffed with forgotten names
and quotes out of old books
with misremembered songs
the untidy, temporary business of life
we are hastily poured cups
that spill so easily

history a heap of gnawed bones

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