Sunday, April 1, 2018

2018 1/30

The Thirtieth Spirit is Forneus. He is a Mighty and
Great Marquis, and appeareth in the Form of a Great
 Sea-Monster. He teacheth, and maketh men wonderfully
 knowing in the Art of Rhetoric. He causeth men to have a
Good Name, and to have the knowledge and
understanding of Tongues. He maketh one to be
beloved of his Foes as well as of his Friends. He
governeth 29 Legions of Spirits, partly of the
Order of Thrones, and partly of that of Angels.

In the deep pools of the river
there are catfish, big as a volkswagon
every small town tells
how the divers go down
near the dam, in the deep black water
come back grey haired
never dive again

in the deep pools and bogs
broken gold, and men with their throats slit
fed to the deep place
to the dark water
the river's feast of heedless children

the monstrous shudder of leviathan
of the serpent that girdles the world
the old mother hag, and kelpie-horse
that lives in the well, in the crying oven
foundation of the deep, the keys of the mouth of hell

Fornus, meaning oven
meaning foundry and refining fire

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