Monday, April 9, 2018

2018 9/30

(38.) HALPHAS, or MALTHUS. - The Thirty-eighth Spirit is Halphas, or Malthous (or Malthas). He is a Great Earl, and appeareth in the Form of a Stock-Dove. He speaketh with a hoarse Voice. His Office is to build up Towers, and to furnish them with Ammunition and Weapons, and to send Men-of-War19 to places appointed. He ruleth over 26 Legions of Spirits, and his Seal is this, etc

Tower of armaments.
Of ivory, of lebanon looking towards damascus
Watch-tower of the north.
Grail-tower. Rook and elephant
Ruined tower on the plains of Shinar
and confusion of language
tower in the waste, childe roland to the darke tower came
dream tower of the city of the dead

Signal tower of a border kingdom
watchtower on the endless wall of “not us”
of war's thin ribbon, tower heaped with bodies
and all else fallen
war-engine heaped from the bodies of the dead
siege-tower, supply cache and missile silo

tower of the dead city, ladder of lights
chapel of mammon, smokestack tower
and lightening rod, temple and high altar,
mountain of fire

dove of the flood
hollow-tree, ring dove
dead dove in the desert.
Dove of the pentecostal fire
to be eaten in sacrament
dove of the lie of peace
descending eagle and snake on the stepped pyramid
butterflies and blood on the altar
dove of holocaust, of burnt offering
eagle on the stanchion of rome,
on a bomber's nose
black cross and double eagle
dove and tower

tower of wealth, and the hungry below
pigeons in the eaves

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